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We aim to develop interest among students and make them look forward to every lesson, so as to attain maximum results.

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Our classes are aimed to equip and enrich students with analytical and higher-order thinking skills to enable them to excel in tests and exams.

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All classes are taught by qualified and experienced tutors who are able to maximise given resources.

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Lesson materials and resources are all thoughtfully crafted based on the latest MOE syllabuses.

At Intellect Learning Hub, students are given the opportunities for discovering learning and open-ended problem solving to enable them to develop higher level thinking skills. We are currently collaborating with Mrs Amy Bellars. Mrs Bellars is the principal of a successful student care and enrichment centre.


She personally oversees and develops the curriculum, teachers’ selection and training to ensure that the programmes are specifically designed for our school-going children in Singapore. Mrs Bellars’ accolades include spotting of the PSLE Cloze passage in the PSLE English paper in 2010. She has been interviewed by the Straits Times on several occasions on educational issues in Singapore.

Intellect Learning Hub has a team that is passionate about teaching and is provides a professional service. They take full responsibility on their work and students, and their passion inspire many students and bring them to the best of their abilities.

Intellect Learning Hub’s teachers are all MOE-registered. Our teachers are currently using Amy Bellar’s curriculum as teaching materials and are confident in the content used. We do

our best to find the way that best fits each student’s learning capabilities to help them improve. The method of teaching of our team’s teachers have been praised and acknowledged by many of our students and their parents as well.


Mr. Ken

Focus: AEIS


Mr. Ken graduated from National Technological University’s (NTU) Business School and then

furthered his passion for teaching at the National Institute of Education (NIE). He has

experience in teaching classes in government schools, and have been recognized by MOE

with a Long-Term Service award for his dedication in the service.


He is well-versed and

experienced in teaching the AEIS curriculum as well, and is very fervent in helping the AEIS

students get into government schools. He has aided many students in their journey in

entering governments schools, and it is much credited to his interesting method of teaching,

which grasps his students’ attention. He simplifies many complex questions for his students for better understanding.

Miss May

Focus: Primary School Science


Miss May graduated from National Institute of Education (NIE) as well, and continued to

further her studies, obtaining a Master’s in Education (MIE). She has taught in schools like

Raffles Primary School and Nan Chiau Primary School, and has years of experience teaching

gifted students in the Gifted Education Programme (GEP).


Miss May’s target students are currently students which may need a little more help understanding complex concepts, thus deciding to join our team. Her classes are very animated, and she helps students understand science concepts through the use of hands-on experiments. This greatly enhances students not only content-wise, but incorporates a sense of exploration towards the wide-range of science knowledge and promotes a habit of self-learning.

Students' Awards

PSLE Awards


Jacky achieved an astounding 270 for his PSLE this year and is accepted by Raffles

Institution. He enrolled in our English, Mathematics, Mother Tongue and Higher Mother Tongue classes in preparation for PSLE. Despite his outstanding results that he had already been achieving in school, and many teachers thought that he didn’t have much room for improvement already, through communicating with him, the teachers at Intellect Learning Hub found that he did have some more room to improve. Through working closely together with our teachers, his score was impeccable, and exceeded expectations.



Tim has only been in Singapore for 1 and a half years. When he first came, he had zero

foundation in the English language, but he has always wanted to enroll in one of our

government schools as a student. Through the hard work of our teachers, his mother, and

himself, he passed the stringent AEIS test on his first try, and obtained a place in one of our

local government schools as a Primary Three student in 2017.


Most of the international

students who took part in the AEIS test and passed it have to retain a grade, but Tim’s

outstanding performance allowed him stay on track with his peers of the same age. We

hope that he will enjoy his time in Primary School.

PSLE Awards


Leslie achieved an outstanding score of 252 for his PSLE and is enrolled in Victoria School

currently. He enrolled in our English, Mathematics and Mother Tongue classes in

preparation for his PSLE. When Leslie first joined our centre, his had only achieved a B in



He came from a neighbourhood primary school and thus didn’t have much confident in himself, but our teachers have always encouraged him and believed that he could achieve great results. Through a period of hard work by both our teachers and himself, he scored a result that he was pleased with and has since become a confident and optimistic student, and looks forward to his time in Victoria School.


We prepare students to understand, contribute to, and succeed in a rapidly changing society, thus making the world a better place.


We will ensure that our students develop both the skills a sound education provides and the competencies essential for success and leadership in the emerging creative economy.

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