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The English classes at secondary levels aim to improve students’ academic performance in the English language based on school and national exam trends as well as to produce students who are competent at wielding English as an effective communication tool.


Aside from equipping students with comprehension, composition, and summary writing skills, our lessons are also crafted such that students are exposed to current affairs and will be given opportunities to present their opinions.

Higher Chinese


The higher Chinese/ Chinese classes at secondary levels aim to provide students with a holistic and conducive learning experience, as well as to help students develop a deeper interest in the Chinese language, where lessons are designed and tailored according to the different levels so that lessons will be effective, yet fun and engaging.


These lessons will also take the students’ mastery of the language to the next level.

E Maths


The E maths classes are specially designed to provide students with an enriched yet engaging learning experience, where they will gain a better understanding of essential mathematical concepts, enabling them to ae their tests and exams.


They will be taught the skills to apply Mathematical principles in a precise and accurate manner and to express their answers using clear, logical and succinct explanations.

A Maths


The A math classes are tailored to help students develop the metacognition in establishing relationships and links between the concepts learnt in E math and A Math.


We aim to provide students with a holistic and engaging learning experience each lesson, as well as to equip them with higher order thinking skills, mathematical principles and techniques that will give the students a competitive edge.

Secondary Level

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The Pure Chemistry classes provide students with a firm foundation in essential content and key concepts, as well as process skills that will enable them to achieve academic excellence in pure chemistry.


Students will acquire flexibility in their thinking as well as the skills needed in application questions.


We also offer our students a vibrant and conducive learning environment, supported by carefully curated learning resources



The Pure Physics classes provide students with a rich and engaging classroom experience and aim to stretch students in terms of the flexibility in their thinking by providing them with practices that require higher order thinking skills.


Our teachers and lesson resources help to facilitate the understanding and internalization of content, and are dedicated to introducing and practicing essential exam skills that enable students to excel.



The Pure Biology classes are crafted to equip students with critical, analytical and higher order thinking skills. We aim to help students achieve knowledge retention through analogies and relating new concepts to everyday lives.


Consistent practice on TYS and top school papers will be provided to prepare students for scoring well in tests and examinations.

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