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Primary Level

Students can expect the following for each lesson:

  • Targeted revision practices near tests and exams


  • Worksheets with relatable content that is applicable to their daily lives.


  • Guidance and clear explanations to help students understand better.



The primary level English classes are designed to equip students with language and critical thinking skills, along with passage and question analytical skills. We also aim to inculcate the love for the English language among the students to enable them to better excel in their tests and exams.


Our Teachers provide an enriched and fun learning experience each lesson via a range of different teaching methods, as well as provide strong emphasis on grammar, vocabulary and the different tenses.

Chinese &
Higher Chinese


The Chinese and Higher Chinses lessons are crafted such that it provides a fun and engaging learning experience by inculcating a passion for the Chinese language and its cultural relevance.


We also provide a strong foundation in the language itself, as well as equip students with essential essay writing skills for them to ace their examinations.


The lessons are made such that it enriches students’ understanding and usage of Chinese at a higher level, as well as hone their thinking skills.

  • Opportunities to present their ideas and opinions in class and to work on their communication skill.


  • Practices and exercises that trains their critical thinking and analytical skills.



The math classes are designed to strengthen and build up on the foundation of students and equip them with the fundamental techniques for academic excellence.


Through our math classes, students can expect to develop advanced critical thinking, in-depth analytical and logical reasoning skills.


We also strongly encourage students to go over the mental processes required to solve mathematical problems.



The science classes focus heavily on getting our students to think critically and flexibly with exam-type and higher order thinking questions, and incorporates experimentation to reinforce understanding of scientific concepts.


We also provide an enriched and engaging learning experience through compelling and interactive lessons with our teachers.


Students can expect to be exposed to important keywords and learn to apply these keywords in recognition of a topic matter in correct context.

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