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Mdm Grace Peng
Principal of Intellect Learning Hub
Mrs Amy Bellars
Principal of Groworld Learning

Intellect Learning Hub has a team that is passionate about teaching and provides a professional service. They take full responsibility on their work and students, and their passion inspire many students and bring them to the best of their abilities.

Our teachers are all MOE-registered and are currently using Amy Bellars’ curriculum as teaching materials and are confident in the content used. We do our best to find the way that best fits each student’s learning capabilities to help them improve. The method of teaching of our team’s teachers have been praised and acknowledged by many of our students and their parents as well.


• NIE-trained school teachers who are familiar with MOE Syllabus

* Teachers' qualifications range from Certificate level through to Diploma in Education, Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Bachelor's Degree in Education etc.

Mr Ken Ong
Ms Sailinah
Mdm Anne Lim
Mr John Foo
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