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Junior Collage

General Paper is a pre-university subject studied by more than 20,000 students in Singapore yearly to gain entry to the local Singapore universities. Our experienced and qualified teachers infuse critical and creative thinking into the General Paper lessons. They make us of the resources from media, literature and debating techniques to improve classroom instructions. Strategies and techniques for essay writing and reading comprehension will also be taught. Students will also be taught the more subtle aspects of critical reading, identifying an author’s viewpoint, attitude and tone in a comprehension passage.

JC Maths is a huge jump from Secondary Maths. One needs to have a lot of practice, wide exposure to questions and be well-equipped problem solving techniques. 


With H1/H2 Mathematics being regarded as a basic requisite develop mathematical thinking before enrolment of university courses, our programme is designed to and problem solving skills in students. Students will learn to analyse, formulate and solve different types of problems.Student will also learn to work with data and perform statistical analyses.


The syllabus is broadened to different disciplines of science, preparing students for today’s world. The “pure science” subjects include: Biology, Chemistry, Physics.


In-depth topics for each “pure science” subject will be covered according to the appropriate syllabus for JC. Students will further develop their knowledge and capabilities that will prepare them for tertiary education and a career related to the subject.

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