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Intellect Learning Hub has a strong reputation in preparing foreign students for entrance into Singapore Government Schools. Our good success rate is due to our strong team of experienced Singapore teachers and AEIS based curriculum.  Students are prepared according to the government school syllabus, so teachers will follow closely the syllabus used by government schools. 


During each lesson, our students not only learn and develop new skills and knowledge but also apply them through consistent practice and personal guidance to apply these skills in reading, writing and speaking.​


» Understanding key grammatical structures
» Learning and broadening vocabulary
» Developing reading confidence and understanding

Our reputation is based on our success at enrolling our students into Government schools. Central to this is study time. Students are given regular homework and assessment exercises that mirror the MOE School Curriculum.  Monthly tests, Mid-term and End-of-Term Examinations are conducted to assess the progress of each student and parents or guardians will receive regular feedback.


Special bonds are created between our lecturers and students. With a wealth of teaching experience, our teachers nurture and guide their students to ensure they achieve their goals.

What we offer:



Prepares students for

Primary 2 to 5 

Admission Examinations



Prepares students for

Secondary 1 to 3 

Admission Examinations

The student will be given a placement test to determine their level of English and Mathematics proficiency before being placed in classes.


For academic subjects, the entry will be based on their age in accordance with the AEIS entry requirements.

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