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At Intellect learning Hub, students are given the opportunities for discovering learning and open-minded problem solving to enable them to develop higher level thinking skills.


We are currently collaborating with Mrs Amy Bellars, the Principal of a successful student care and enrichment centre. Mrs Bellars' accolades include spotting of the PSLE Cloze Passage in PSLE English paper in 2010. She has been interviewed by the Straits Time on several occasions on educational issues in Singapore.


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PSLE Awards


Jacky achieved an astounding 270 for his PSLE this year and is accepted by Raffles

Institution. He enrolled in our English, Mathematics, Mother Tongue and Higher Mother Tongue classes in preparation for PSLE.....

PSLE Awards


Leslie achieved an outstanding score of 252 for his PSLE and is enrolled in Victoria School

currently. He enrolled in our English, Mathematics and Mother Tongue classes in

preparation for his PSLE......


Tim has only been in Singapore for 1 and a half years. When he first came, he had zero

foundation in the English language, but he has always wanted to enroll in one of our

government schools as a student.

Our Team

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Mr. Ken

Focus: AEIS

Mr. Ken graduated from National Technological University’s (NTU) Business School and then

furthered his passion for teaching at the National Institute of Education (NIE). He has

experience in teaching classes in government schools, and have been recognized by MOE

with a Long-Term Service award...

Miss May

Focus: Primary School Science

Miss May graduated from National Institute of Education (NIE) as well, and continued to

further her studies, obtaining a Master’s in Education (MIE). She has taught in schools like

Raffles Primary School and Nan Chiau...

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Preparatory Course for AEIS Test

We will help prepare foreign students to sit for the Admission Exercise for International Students (AEIS) test

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Higher Chinese

The Chinese and Higher Chinese lessons are crafted such that it provides a fun and engaging learning experience by inculcating a passion for the Chinese language and its cultural relevance.

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